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Cataloging Cultural Objects Project Transfered to VRA Foundation

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008

Dear VRA Colleagues,

On behalf of the Executive Board, I am pleased to inform the membership that the Visual Resources
Association (VRA) has concluded an agreement conveying oversight authority and responsibility for all
aspects of the Cataloging Cultural Objects (CCO) project to the Visual Resources Association
Foundation (VRAF).

The VRAF will strengthen many aspects of CCO, especially in terms of securing additional grant support
to facilitate the further growth and enhancement of CCO, particularly in the development of facilitated
workshops and training modules to enhance the professional development of our members
while promoting implementation of CCO standards throughout the wider community.

The CCO Committee, co-chaired by Elisa Lanzi and Ann Whiteside, will continue to manage the project,
coordinate the advisory group, and oversee the production of written and web-based training materials.
We have every confidence that CCO will continue to set sustainable standards for the broader visual
resources community; that the project will continue to be planned and managed by dedicated VRA
members; and that it will, "under new management," project the expertise and professionalism of the
VRA far beyond our own membership.


Allan T. Kohl
President, Visual Resources Association
Library/Visual Resources
Minneapolis College of Art & Design
Minneapolis, MN 

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