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VRA Foundation Awards the 2012 Professional Development Grant

Friday, September 07, 2012

VRA Foundation Awards the 2012 Professional Development Grant

Visual Resources Association Foundation Announces 2012 Professional Grant Winners

Anne Young, Indianapolis Museum of Art and Heather Lowe, Cal State San Bernardino are each awarded $850.00 to assist in attendance and participation in conferences that will contribute to their professional growth.

The Board of Directors of the Visual Resources Association Foundation is pleased to announce the award of its 2012 VRAF Professional Development Grant.  For the category of “Established Professional,” the award goes to Anne Young of the Indianapolis Museum of Art; Ms. Young, who serves as the Manager of Rights and Reproductions for the Museum, will use her award in support of her attendance to the American Law Institute-Continuing Legal Education’s (ALI-CLE) Legal Issues in Museum Administration Conference.  For the category of “Emerging Professional,” the award goes to Heather Lowe of Cal State San Bernardino; Ms. Lowe, who serves as the Visual Resources Specialist for the Department of Art will use her award in support of her attendance to the 2013 Visual Resources Association Annual Meeting in Providence, RI.  The amount of each award is $850.00.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Visual Resources Association Foundation, Chairperson Christine Hilker commented, “I want to express our excitement with having two very enthusiastic professionals using these resources for education and the advancement of the VR profession.  Intellectual property issues, as they relate to the creation, use and dissemination of images, will always require expert and current knowledge, and the board found Ms. Young's application of unique interest and importance." 

"The Board was also impressed with Ms. Lowe's application since she is already active in the Visual Resources Association, organizing and encouraging others new to the profession to begin the sharing and networking that benefits us all as we return to our respective companies and institutions."

The purpose of the VRAF Professional Development Grant is to support professional development in the field of visual resources and image management. The grant supports attendance at an educational event of the grantee’s choosing (such as an association conference, symposium or workshop), or engagement in relevant research activities (such as publications and/or fieldwork). In recognition of the differing professional development needs for an emerging professional and an established career professional, two awards are funded. One grant is awarded to a student or new professional who has up to five years of experience in the field, and the other grant is designated for a career professional with six or more years of experience.

The VRAF Professional Development Grant is part of the Foundation's mission to advance awareness of critical issues for effective digital information management (including intellectual property and copyright); to encourage the application of professional standards, innovative technology, and metadata cataloging protocols; and to facilitate workplace training. The VRA Foundation supports a range of educational offerings to help ensure that such information reaches a diverse, global audience.


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