Who we are

The Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF) strengthens the visual resources field by increasing public and professional awareness of visual information management while advocating for the value of images in the teaching and learning environment. The Foundation supports a range of educational activities in multiple formats and venues, for example, instructional tools, regional workshops, online learning, and advocacy materials, to build bridges across the information management and educational communities. The Foundation’s research interests advance scholarship in the field, improve outreach to the larger community on significant issues, such as intellectual property rights and the development of best practices protocols for the dissemination of digital images, and further public access to visual resources information. Significant areas of focus include image collections, technology, metadata, cataloging, visual literacy, and copyright. The Foundation’s educational and research agenda advances scholarship in the field and improves outreach to the larger community.

VRA established the VRA Foundation to oversee and develop grants, administer educational activities, and support community outreach projects. The missions of the two organizations are closely aligned, with a few important distinctions. VRA is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to furthering research and education in the field of media management within the educational, cultural heritage, and commercial environment; and supporting its members in every stage of their professional lives. VRAF’s mission proceeds from there to provide financial support for a broad range of educational and research efforts in the profession, including but not limited to the activities of VRA.

VRA solicits donations from its members for two funds and purposes:

1) the Luraine Tansey Educational Fund, which provides travel awards to assist VRA members with conference attendance; and

2) the General Operating Fund, which primarily supports conferences and membership resources and support.

VRA is a non-profit 501 (c) 6 trade association created to provide direct services to its members, while VRAF is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization serving the entire visual resources profession more broadly, regardless of VRA membership.

VRAF fundraising supports educational activities (e.g. VRA Annual Conferences, Regional Workshops,and ARLIS/NA-VRAF Summer Educational Institute), research initiatives and visual resources-based projects (through Project Grant Awards), professional development efforts (through Professional Development Grants, Internship Awards, and Regional Workshops), and operating expenses of the Foundation.

Donations to VRAF are tax deductible. Donations to VRA are not deductible as charitable donations, but donations may be deducted as a business expense, if applicable.

VRA’s main sources of operating revenue are membership dues and conference registration fees. VRAF receives no funding from VRA and relies entirely on donations and grants to finance its efforts. The VRA membership is VRAF’s primary donation base. Additionally, it depends on external sources that include businesses, foundations, and other individuals who are not VRA members. VRAF is able to receive and manage grant funding from other 501 (c) 3 organizations to support visual resources educational and research efforts, and may at times support VRA’s research projects through grant partnerships.

VRA’s Board is elected by the VRA membership, while VRAF Directors are appointed alternately by the VRA and VRAF Boards. All members of both the VRA and VRAF Boards are volunteers.

Please Support VRA and VRAF

Donations are increasingly important as the membership base and conference proceeds are vulnerable to fluctuations in the economy. To be better prepared for our future, the VRA and VRAF Boards continue our efforts to ensure that our common goals are well-supported.

We hope that you will join us in supporting the fundraising goals of both the Association and the Foundation. Taken together, these initiatives represent a solid commitment to the VRA membership and the profession. Any donation for these various purposes is very much welcome and appreciated. As we move forward together, our goal is to continue to provide excellent programs and services to meet our common strategic goals.

There are online donation forms available on the websites of both organizations whenever you wish to make a gift.


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