Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF) announces 2020 Project Grant recipient

Stephanie Becker, Digital Collections Manager, Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio

The Board of Directors of the Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF) is pleased to present the 2020 VRAF Project Grant in the amount of $3000 to Stephanie Becker, Digital Collections Manager and Project Manager for Regionally Speaking: A Virtual Symposium, at Case Western University, Cleveland, OH.

Regionally Speaking: A Virtual Symposium project will create transcriptions and time-based captions for A/V media files, in order to create needed accessibility features for user inclusivity. The VRAF Project Grant will allow Ms. Becker, and other project collaborators at Case Western’s, Kelvin Smith Library, to find, research and collaborate with a vendor, who will assist in transcribing approximately 70 moving image and oral history files regarding the community of Cleveland, Ohio. The text and/or captions will then be applied to the files, and the Regionally Speaking collaborators will create and build a framework for the audio and video files to be available with caption formatting for easy and intuitive public viewing and downloading. The project will create needed accessibility features for the public and provide a larger and more accessible portal for the Cleveland, Ohio community.

In accordance with the VRAF Project Grant Program and VRAF mission to support broad access to visual and cultural information, the VRAF is pleased to support a project that extends dissemination of accessibility features and supports inclusivity in collections, while also providing documentation about social justice and cultural heritage.

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