VRA Foundation Announces Fall 2020 Professional Development Grant Recipients

October 6, 2020

The Board of Directors of the Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF) is pleased to announce the Fall 2020 VRAF Professional Development Grant in the amount of $600 to Ashlea Green, the Metadata and Cataloging Librarian for Appalachian State University, a branch of the University of North Carolina system and $100 to John Burns, Electronic Resources Librarian for Dixie State University. 

Ashlea Green, plans on utilizing the funds to attend the Wikidata Institute, which is a virtual workshop from November 2-19, 2020. Green plans on utilizing the Wikidata and Wikibase linked data applications, ethical data/ontologies, data modeling, and entity mapping, etc. to establish metadata standards and practices, create better metadata for increased discoverability, and implement inclusive metadata practices to Appalachian State’s Special Collections, Archival Collections and Discoverability Initiatives. Green intends to gain a deeper understanding of linked data with the aim of publishing the findings in a peer-reviewed scholarly publication, and share the linked data, Wikidata Institute workshop knowledge and skills with colleagues across the University of North Carolina system.

Through the VRA conference and/or membership, Burns looks forward to utilizing funds by networking with other visual resources professionals and gaining new skills that will help him better serve students, researchers, and faculty as a solo art librarian.

The VRAF Professional Development Grant Program reflects the broad mission of the VRAF to support professional development in the field of visual resources and visual information management. The grant can be used to participate in a professional development opportunity of the grantee’s choosing (such as a conference, symposium, workshop, online education), or to enroll in relevant research activities (such as hands-on field work or a site visit for scholarly purposes). For more information about the VRAF, the VRAF Professional Development Grant, and other VRAF programs, please visit vrafoundation.org.

On behalf of the VRA Foundation Board of Directors