2021-2022 VRAF Board of Directors

Marcia Focht, Chair, Curator of Visual Resources, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

Liz Gadelha, Secretary, Archivist for Digitization Services, Bentley Historical Library, Ann Arbor, MI

Otto Luna, Treasurer, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

Joan Beaudoin, Associate Professor, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Robb Detlefs, Website Administrator, Director, Customer Care, Gallery Systems, Berkeley, CA

Bonnie Rosenberg, Manager of Rights and Images, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Chicago, IL

Chris Strasbaugh, Digital Resource Archivist and Curator, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Duties of VRAF Directors

The basic duties of a VRA Foundation director are to perform any and all duties imposed by the Corporation’s Certificate of Incorporation or the Foundation Bylaws; assist in supervision of all Officers, agents and committees of the Corporation to assure that their duties are performed properly; assist with management of Foundation projects, such as Cataloging Cultural Objects and the Summer Educational Institute; if elected, serve as an Officer of the Foundation and if appointed, serve as a Foundation Committee chair or member; register his/her address with the Secretary of the Corporation; attend the Annual, regular or special meetings of the Board of Directors at such times and places as required by the Bylaws and as the business of the Corporation otherwise requires. These meetings could include weekly online Board meetings, conference calls, and the annual Foundation Board meeting held in conjunction with the Annual VRA conference.