The VRAF Regional Workshop Implementation Team works collaboratively to host workshops each year, report on each, and seek grant funding for the coming year. The Workshop Coordinator and Workshop Liaisons will serve for three years (see exception, outlined below), with the Senior Workshop Liaison moving up to take the Workshop Coordinator position, the Junior Workshop Liaison moving up to take the Senior Workshop Liaison, and the Workshop Coordinator cycling off the team. All other positions will serve two-year terms.


Workshop Coordinator: Meghan Rubenstein
Sr. Workshop Liaison: Beth Haas
Jr. Workshop Liaison: Janice Shapiro Hussain
VRAF Liaison: Chris Strasbaugh


Workshop Coordinator

Takes overall responsibility for the VRAF Regional Workshop Project Implementation Team, including oversight of the work of the workshop liaisons, and other team members. Manages host site selection process, curriculum development, and instructor recruitment. Takes lead on reporting to granting organizations and grant applications (such as the Kress grant).

Workshop Liaisons (Senior + Junior)

Responsible for developing and implementing the workshop timeline, including managing registration in conjunction with the VRAF Treasurer; working with local hosts to manage publicity on a national and local level as well as facilitating classroom arrangements and catering; communicating with the instructor regarding curriculum, travel + accommodations, and reimbursement procedures, as well as facilitating post workshop evaluations.

VRAF Liaison

Responsible for communications between the VRAF Regional Workshop Implementation Team and the VRAF Board. Participates in Implementation Team meetings as necessary or advisable. In the event of the resignation of the Workshop Coordinator, the VRAF Liaison will take the lead on managing the Implementation Team until a suitable replacement is found.


Please contact the Regional Workshop Implementation Team at To inquire about an open position, send resume or CV and letter of interest.