The VRA Foundation was founded by the Visual Resources Association (VRA), a multi-disciplinary trade association dedicated to furthering research and education in the field of image management within the educational, cultural heritage, and commercial environments. VRA plays a significant role in serving the public and contributing research to the broader field of library and information science and educational technology. VRA’s international membership includes information specialists, digital image specialists; art, architecture, film and video librarians, museum curators; slide, photograph, microfilm and digital archivists, architectural firms, galleries, publishers, image system vendors, rights and reproductions officials, photographers, art historians, artists, and scientists.

VRA, like many trade organizations, universities and museums, established the VRA Foundation to oversee and develop grants, administer educational activities, and support community outreach projects. The VRA Foundation will develop and expand educational and research opportunities in the public interest; establish standards for emerging electronic media; manage grants and develop programs to improve the visual resources field; conduct and/or sponsor research in the information sciences and educational technology; publish informative articles, guidelines, and on-line resources; and complement the work of VRA by providing educational, literary, and scientific outreach to the larger community and general public.